I began this wild fantasy career in 1999 – and they said “Linda you are Nuts!” and “you’ll be back, we will keep your desk warm for you.” Now many years later, I am still going strong, even stronger than before. My art has progressed through the years and it tells a simple story about my life, Little ol’ Linda…or “Biggs” or Linda Biggs, all of 4′ 10 and mouthy as can be. I think that I have, little dog syndrome, you know what I mean. In the beginning ~ painting it was all new and ever so exciting. My first website adventure was named Fairie Forest Watercolors and some of my collectors, friends and fans still remember those days. With that said, there were times where I was happy as a clam, along with events where I was scared to death – but tried so hard not to show my fears. I have experienced shows that were great and some not so great. I know the combination of all that “STUFF” has made me a more rounded person, who makes ART for a living. However, all the events good and bad have shaped me as, an Artist in the moment, a little rouge, painting real life situations as I see it, some good and bad in my own fantasy world. I have been very fortunate with a strong Baltimore based following – even our cool WJZ-TV morning show has helped me so often along the way. Don and Marty, have been supportive with Interviews and updates as my career has traveled along this creative path. Each time they invite me back – it’s another surreal moment, that I still have a hard time believing. And… yes, each interview I am as nervous as I was the very first time Many of you know that I’m Native American, my grandmother was from the Cherokee Tribe. I am also bi-polar, yeah, yeah … for real. I have had numerous comments as years pass that I should hide that statement, or not put it out there. But its who I am, some days are great and some are in the toilet – but it is part of who I am and would never be ashamed to say it is so. I kinda like being me – how ever I show up -what you see, is what you get!

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